Fire Hydrant Maintenance

British Standard BS9990:2015 states that where a fire hydrant exists on your premises, arrangements should be in place by the owners or occupiers for annual maintenance.  A fire hydrant is used to access water directly from the local mains supply and is equipped with a fire hose connection for use in the event of a fire.

Independent Fire Services will carry out your annual fire hydrant maintenance in accordance with guidelines as details in British Standard BS9990:2015, this consists of:

  • Pressure and Flow tests which involves:
  • Flushing out of the outlets
  • Checking inlet connection
  • Measuring and recording the flow and pressure rates
  • Operation of frost valve, checked on completion
  • Leaving hydrant pit empty and clean

The maintenance visit will also include:

  • Checking of pits, frames and covers
  • Condition of surface paving around the edges of the frame
  • Depth of outlet below frame
  • Ensuring signage is compliant

Certificate of Conformity

All hydrants tested and found to comply with British Standard BS9990:2015 will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity. In the event of an incident, fire investigators will ask to see a Certificate of Conformity.