Ski Pads

The Problem…

  • Single width fire doors?
  • Narrow fire escapes?
  • Twisting corridors?

The Solution…

The ‘ski-pad’ : an aid to evacuation free standing or wall mountable specifically designed where fire escapes or staircases are too narrow

Can you get your patients out?

The ‘Ski-Pad’ has evolved from the traditional ‘Ski’ ow safe evacuation.

Unfortunately, some staircases and many fire escapes are too narrow to allow the mattress evacuation to be used safely, and this presents the problem of how to get non-ambulant patients down perhaps several flights of stairs.

Ready for immediate use

In an emergency the ‘ski-pad’ is quickly and easily removed from its storage bag. Lay ‘ski-pad’ beside the patient’s bed. The patient is then simply transferred to the ‘ski-pad’ wrapped in a blanket. The belts are then ‘clunk clicked’ into place to secure and cocoon the patient and you are ready to go. Simply drag the patient to safety.


Special features of the ‘ski-pad’

Vinyl coated base is a slippery yet tough material that provides patients to be moved easily over virtually any surface – indoors or outdoors. Foam pad gives protection from bumps and bruises (2” thick). The ‘ski-pad’ in its wipe clean storage bag can be wall mounted at the head of staircases ready for immediate use in an emergency.

Narrow width & flexibility allows the patient to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors and down narrow winding fire escapes – without the risk of blocking the escape route or need for heavy lifting.

Dimensions packed – 71cm x 71cm x 15cm open – 198cm x 69cm x 5cm (approximate measurements). Tested safely to 160 kg marked