Useful Guides and Information for Scotland

The FireLaw section of the Scottish Government website provides information about fire law in Scotland.



England & Wales

Fire safety law changed in October 2006.

The new law:

  • Emphasises preventing fires and reducing risk
  • Makes it your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who uses your premises and in the immediate vicinity
  • Does away with the need for fire certificates

A set of guides has been developed to tell you what you have to do to comply with fire safety law, help you to carry out a fire risk assessment and identify the general fire precautions you need to have in place.

The guides are designed so that a responsible person, with limited formal training or experience, should be able to carry out a fire risk assessment. If you read the guide and decide you are unable to apply the guidance then you should seek expert advice.

More complex premises will probably need to be assessed by a person who has comprehensive training or experience in fire risk assessment. However these guides will be appropriateĀ for more complex, multi-occupied buildings to address fire safety issues in individual occupancies.


Useful Guides and Information for England & Wales

The guidelines are: