Fire Evacuation Aids

Ski Pads

ski pad

In an emergency the ski-pad is quickly and easily removed from its storage bag. Lay ‘SKI-PAD’ beside the patient’s bed. The patient is then simply transferred to the ‘SKI-PAD’ wrapped in a blanket. The belts are then ‘clunk clicked’ into place to secure and cocoon the patient and you are ready to go. Simply drag the patient to safety.

Ski Sheets

With a ‘ski’ Evacuation Sheet You Can Cope!

  • ski sheetCan assist with the horizontal or
    vertical mattress evacuation of patients.
  • Easily secured, using the elastic corner loops this ensures the Ski Sheet to be securely held in place.
  • Safe and swift evacuation, unrolled & buckled up straps across the chest & legs of the patient.
  • Buckles mean no hooks to catch or knots to learn.
  • Means of moving non-ambulant patients quickly and easily.


The AlbacMat is a flexible stretcher that can be used to evacuate patients
from nursing homes, residential homes and hospitals. In the event of fire or similar emergencies the AlbacMat eE can be used to remove immobile patients from beds, operating theatres, chairs, or from the floor. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical evacuations.

The AlbacMat consists of a red nylon sheet bonded to a polypropylene flexible board. The board allows the AlbacMat to glide over most types of surface including carpet, vinyl, concrete, bitumen and grass. Velcro straps restrain the patient while a foot pocket secures the feet. Various handles allow one or two people to safely evacuate patients from hazardous situations.


The ResQmat stores neatly in a highly visible bag, which has three Velcro sides making it easy to open in a hurry. It also has easy to follow pictorial instructions on the front.

The item is entirely padded with a pillow under the head and a foam mat protecting the body. The three wide Velcro straps completely enclose the patient to help prevent the possibility of patients reaching out for anything as they are being rescued.

This also helps keep them secure once they are in a safe location, especially patients who may wander. Because of the built in padding, the ResQmat is safe and comfortable for people when going down stairs and over rough surfaces. It will adjust to size so the patient does not slip down inside the ResQmat when going down stairs.

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